SMARTLOG MOERDIJK 2 is a new to develop and high-quality distribution center located in business park Moerdijk on the Westelijke Randweg in Moerdijk. The business park is strategically located between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp along the highway A17 (Moerdijk – Roosendaal). The A17 highway provides a quick connection to both the A16 highway (Rotterdam-Breda-Antwerp) and the A58 (Breda-Roosendaal-Bergen op Zoom).

Business park Moerdijk has excellent multimodal facilities due to the presence of maritime and inland ports, a rail connection and 2 direct connections to national highways.

The logistics complex includes approx. 101.500 sqm and consists of 3 high-quality DC’s including mezzanine and office space and are suitable for the storage of both consumer and ADR-goods (hazardous goods). All DC’s that are suitable for the storage of consumer goods have an ESFR-sprinkler system and DC’s intended for the storage of ADR-goods (hazardous goods) are equipped with a CO² gas extinguishing system. Phase 2 involves a planning phase. Any changes to the layout, the floor area and the level of ​​completion are negotiable.

Phase 2 is partly to be developed in accordance with the PGS-15 conditions making it suitable for the storage of ADR-classes 2, 3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 5.2, 6.1, 8 and 9.

smartlog Moerdijk

Surface of the DC’s

DC 1 (consumer and ADR-goods)

Warehouse 17.651 sqm   |   Mezzanine 1.310 sqm   |   Office 836 sqm

DC 2 (consumer goods)

Warehouse 23.071 sqm   |   Mezzanine 2.667 sqm   |   Office 500 sqm

PHASE 2 (consumer and ADR-goods)

Warehouse 47.934 sqm   |   Mezzanine 4.766 sqm   |   Office 2.488 sqm


DC 1 is leased
DC 2 from April 2017

FHASE 2 from 7 months after final building permit
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