Today’s chemical market is a competitive environment with supply chains becoming more and more complex which leads to increased logistics and transport costs. Within this dynamic environment, we store your chemicals, add value to them and prepare them for on-time delivery. With custom-made supply chain solutions we’re giving you flexibility over your inventory and the opportunity to shorten your lead times.

Our experience in and knowledge of the chemical market enable you to gain an advantage over your competitors. From a safe storage of your ADR goods to flexible warehousing facilities across Europe, we treat your products and your customers as if they were our own.

Value-added services for the chemicals market:

  • Warehouses located strategically in Europe; shared-user and bonded,
  • 24/7 distribution across Europe with full visibility,
  • Dedicated customer service desks at strategic locations,
  • Product specific packaging solutions (CLP/GHS),
  • Kitting and co-packing; fine picking and packing,
  • Labelling and tagging; quality control,
  • Performance measurement control (key performance indicators and scorecards),
  • Global regulatory, safety and security compliance,
  • Fiscal representation and customs brokerage,
  • HSE and quality management systems based on ISO certification including subcontractor management.


Like many other markets, the healthcare market is well-known for its continuously changes due to mergers, consolidation, quality procedures and regulations and other environmental factors. Having healthcare products available when needed is a critical factor, leaving you with the demand for an efficient and smooth supply chain performance to meet the availability requirements.

Understanding the specific requirements and unique challenges within your supply chain, Logwise is able to design the most optimal supply chain and adding value through:

  • High security and safety measures throughout the entire supply chain,
  • Full end-to-end supply chain visibility and traceability including IT solutions,
  • Inventory planning tools and expertise preventing shortages and managing expirations, while reducing overall inventory footprint,
  • Warehouses with the flexibility to grow or move depending on the demand,
  • Strict on-time delivery performances,
  • Information confidentiality,
  • Global Regulatory & Security Compliance.

Value-added services for the healthcare market:

  • Temperature-controlled warehousing and distribution,
  • Globally managed transportation services (air/ocean/charter),
  • Reverse logistics (including recall management),
  • Omni-channel fulfillment,
  • Quality inspections,
  • Re-labeling and secondary re-packaging,
  • Fiscal representation and customs brokerage.


The market for FMCG is characterized by products with quick turnovers and relative low costs, high demand, large volumes and a constant change. Therefore a flexible logistics chain is essential.

As a manufacturer of consumer goods you have to manage large product volumes and fast rotation rates with distributors. Demanding your supply chain to be agile and ready to adjust whenever the market is asking for it. Logwise is able to streamline your supply chain in such a way so you can concentrate on your core business.

That is why we develop customized end-to-end supply chain solutions and offer personalized support to help you meet your growth objectives.

Value-added services for the FMCG market


The High-Tech market expands on a daily basis as new products and services are entering the market. The growth of the market will be driven even more over the next years, which demands fast and reliable logistics supply chains that are aligned with its production sites.

Reducing your inventory, lowering the costs of distribution and decreasing the time-to-market when introducing new products are key logistics challenges within the hi-tech market. To meet the specific logistics needs of your market we develop optimal and highly secure supply chain solutions that reduce the complexity through end-to-end visibility.

Whether you are in the semi-conductor industry, the computer and electronics industry, or provide electronic manufacturing services, we understand your business and the requirements, shortening your lead times and delivering cost savings.

Value-added services for the high-tech market

  • Inbound and outbound logistics,
  • Highly secured and strategically located warehouses in Europe; shared-user and bonded,
  • End-to-end supply chain visibility,
  • Supplier consolidations,
  • Aftermarket and reverse logistics,
  • Kitting and postponement,
  • Fiscal representation and customs brokerage.

Excisable goods

As a specialist in supply chain solutions for excisable goods, in particular alcoholic beverages, intermediate products and tobacco products, we offer expertise, flexibility and visibility. Our warehouses are under fiscal legislation and we hold all the required certifications and permits so your excisable goods are stored and distributed in a risk free environment.

Logwise is your partner with the necessary experience and maximum flexibility to fully integrate in your logistics operations. This way you can concentrate on your core business, while we take care of your logistics supply chain.

Being familiar with all the logistics processes and national tax and customs regulations, we are able to inform you with accurate information whenever you need it. Making sure you stay ahead of your competition.

Value-added services for the excisable goods market

  • Storage in compartments and conditioned spaces,
  • Quality and compliance control,
  • Attachment of necessary information labels needed for excise goods,
  • Completion and packaging,
  • Fiscal representation and customs brokerage.

Construction Materials

The global market for construction materials keeps on growing, driven by economic growth and a recovering construction activity in de residential, commercial and infrastructure sectors. This leaving companies active in the construction materials markets with the challenge to re-organize their inventory in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Logwise provides you with the most flexible and ‘just-in-time’ warehousing and distribution solutions to store and distribute your building materials to your customer. We handle every aspect of storage and distribution services for your products, whether it be decorative surfacing materials, roofing materials, industrial flooring or sealants and adhesives.

Value-added services for the construction materials market

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